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We prepare, maintain and promote access to systematic reviews of interventions to treat or prevent eye diseases or visual impairment. We also do systematic reviews of the accuracy of diagnostic tests for common ocular diseases or conditions.

Titles that have been proposed by review teams to the editorial base that are currently being considered

  • Interventions to reduce pain associated with intravitreal injections
  • Intracameral avastin for phacoemulsification in post trabeculectomy patients
  • Intravenous chemotherapy versus intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma
  • Micropulse transscleral cyclophotocoagulation therapy in the treatment of glaucoma
  • Outdoor activities to control myopia progression in children
  • Real world outcomes of treatment in diabetic macular oedema

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Cataract (29)
Glaucoma (40)
Outer eye (39)
Retinal disease (including age-related macular degeneration) (62)
Age-related macular degeneration (22)

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