CEV US Project

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Cochrane Eyes and Vision US satellite (CEV US Satellite), our US arm, is funded by the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health, and located at the Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado. The overall objective of the satellite is to develop a critical mass of US-based vision researchers and practitioners who are trained in preparing and using systematic reviews as part of CEV. The CEV US Satellite aims to accomplish four main goals:

  • Expand awareness of evidence-based health care in general and in eyes and vision specifically
  • Develop a critical mass of vision researchers who are able to perform and interpret systematic reviews, and train others to do the same
  • Develop a critical mass of clinicians who use the results of systematic reviews as an evidence base to guide their practice, and to train others to do the same
  • Generate an increased number of systematic reviews in priority vision research areas, published in the Cochrane Library and in the traditional vision research literature.

     CEV@US - 2023 Project Curriculum Vitae

CEV@US Personnel (past and present): Tianjing Li, Kay Dickersin, Roberta Scherer, Lori Rosman, Genie Han, Jimmy Le, Riaz Qureshi, Jiajun Wen, Kristina Lindsley, Sarah Money, Yuanxi Jia and Kolade Fapohunda. Not pictured: Henry Jampel, Barbara Hawkins, Naresh Mandava, Alan Palestine, Ian Saldanha, Samuel Abariga, Renee Wilson, Sueko Ng, Lin Wang, Jianyu E, Nancy Fitton and Claire Twose.