What do we mean by consumers?

Cochrane's health care consumers include patients, carers and family members; people who work paid or unpaid for an organisation that supports the aim of Cochrane (for example a not-for-profit organisation, patient-led or patient advocacy group).

Cochrane's Statement of Principles for Consumer Involvement in Cochrane

In 2017 Cochrane adopted a Statement of Principles. It  believes consumer involvement is vital to Cochane's work as it:
"(i) promotes transparency, accountability and trust in the way that research is produced,
(ii) results in evidence that addresses consumers' needs, reduces waste
(iii) is consistent with current health research approaches and is expected or mandated by our funders, partners and consumers."

How can consumers get involved in CEV?
  • Identify review questions, take part in prioritisation exercises
  • Advise on outcomes in our reviews
  • Peer review, particularly plain language summaries
  • Help find the evidence, TaskExchange
  • Review our Blogshots (Blogshots are a way of presenting information in a clear, quick-to-read format).
What are the expectations for CEV review author teams?CEV highly recommends our review author teams involve consumers at all stages in their review. We ask our review authors to set out their plans for consumer involvement in the Review Proposal Form.
What support is there available for review authors to involve consumers?

CEV can support and help our review teams to identify consumers to:

  • give input on a review proposal
  • give input on a draft protocol or review
  • join a review team as a co-author
  • help to write a plain language summary.