Longstanding Editor Jennifer Burr retires

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to one of our dearest editors, Jennifer Burr. Jen has been an author with Cochrane Eyes and Vision (CEV) from the outset and became an editor soon after that. We are very grateful to Jen for her huge contribution to the Group. Thank you very much Jen for all your hard work over the years and we wish you all the best for the future. We hope retirement will be a lot quieter!

One of our Editor's Augusto Azuara-Blanco who is a close friend of Jen's has written the following.

Professor Jen Burr is retiring, we will miss you!

Jen moved to Scotland in the early 2000s to join the prestigious Health Services Research Unit (HSRU) at the University of Aberdeen at the same time as her husband Neville joined St Andrews University. With this transition Jen moved from a clinical job into a clinical-academic position and soon established the Ophthalmology research theme at HSRU. Jen started a successful, meteoric career and delivered large MRC and NIHR-funded projects on e.g., the cost-effectiveness of screening for glaucoma, surveillance of ocular hypertension, and development of a glaucoma patient-reported outcome.

Jen’s increasingly important role at HSRU made possible my transition from the NHS into academia (in 2010). Her support was critical in my early academic efforts. For example, we were co-chief investigators of the EAGLE trial, a landmark glaucoma study, but I must say most of the credit of this study should go to Jen. Her generous efforts to help my, and other colleagues’ endeavours have been constant and remarkable.

Jen became an Editor of CEV in 2005. I remember well a conversation we had a few years later when she suggested that I would enjoy being a member of CEV and that I would fit in well. I can only say that she was right, and that I am very proud and honoured to be part of CEV since 2010. Over time I understood and followed Jen’s approach to research and, in particular, to evidence synthesis, which is not only important to inform policy and clinicians but also to identify gaps in evidence that will lead to primary research.

Jen had several leadership positions including being Board member of NIHR-HTA, and director of the Aberdeen clinical trials unit (CHaRT). She certainly has the knowledge on how to make an application competitive with her attention to detail and her ability to see the wider implications of research topics. Such priceless “know how” was generously given to colleagues across the UK and a large number of important landmark studies in Ophthalmology have been successful because of Jen.

From Aberdeen we both moved to different units, but Jen continued to offer advice on my academic work and we have enjoyed several collaborations. Jen is retiring now from academia and from Cochrane to enjoy more time with Neville, a large and growing family and many hobbies (Jen is a keen skier and superb tennis player!).

Jen: I would like to congratulate you for your superb career, and thank you for your friendship, generosity and support.